NPD Research & Development

Charpak's approach to designing innovative packaging includes substantial investment in research and development - in collaboration with clients. 

It is best to involve Charpak's team early in the NPD stage to develop the best performing plastic packaging solution whilst also developing the physical product.  This enables technological feasibility studies and rigorous testing to be undertaken.

Prototyping:  Bespoke tooling is developed using modelboards for prototypes. Prototype mould tools are produced for clients based on the initial CAD drawings.  A suitable thermoplastic is selected and samples of packaging are made from the prototype tool. Samples are then produced for clients for testing, quality inspection and client approval.

Mould Tooling:  Based on the approved final prototype, finished mould tools for production are manufactured using high-speed CNC milling machines. 

This service is in-house, based at Charpak Ltd's HQ in Cambridgeshire.