Charpak identified the need within Automotive to develop Innovative Packaging to aid manufacturers in servicing the industry. We have helped clients to improve the flow through their manufacturing process. This has involved both Transit and Protective Packaging innovations.

With ever rising transit costs Charpak has the experience to redesign or develop new packaging to optimise pallet space and so reduce overall transit costs. Charpak's innovative uses of recycled plastics with its dedicated, traceable, supply chain expertise has helped the food industry hit its recycling targets. With environmental concerns just as important in Automotive, Charpak can help with innovations in the design and manufacture of transit or protective packaging, with reusability being key to keeping costs under control. Charpak can also work with manufacturers to improve in-house production speeds, helping the flow through the factory where multiple stations are used within the process.
Charpak is a design driven company whose innovative products with multiple patents mark the company out as we can make a difference to your business. Tooling is produced in-house from a rapid prototyping facility through to final production tools with production in a BRC/IoP accredited factory using modern class leading Vacuum Forming Machines. This allows Charpak to control both timelines and keeping our tooling cost effective.